The great font author Paul Renner started sketching the letterforms that would be called Futura during 1924. The original font family was cast in four font weights Light, Medium, Bold and Bold Oblique fonts. In the later years four other fonts were released Light Oblique, Medium Oblique, Demibold and Demibold Oblique fonts during 1930.

Futura Book Font Free

Futura Book Font


One of the most favorite font weights Futura Book was released in 1932 and about 7 years later Book Oblique font was released. Futura Book has quite remarkable usefulness in branding, manufacturing, printing, and advertising spaces.

The design concept of Futura Book is set to the importance of legibility and type quality for the end users. It is visible perfectly almost all of the round strokes of the o, that is nevertheless slightly avoid, and you see how the circular stroke of the letter b gently thin as they unite with the verticals.

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Futura is a high quality typeface that is most popular and useful enough to design and decorate your personal and business projects.